How to Find Big Files that Takes up Space in Your Computer?

One of the advantages in having bigger harddrives is that we hardly worry about the available space. However, there comes a time, you want to clean up files and want to free up space really quick.

One way to do that is to find the biggest files and remove them if they are no longer needed. One can easily find the biggest files in a directory right from your terminal. The most easiest way to do it is to use “ls” command in the terminal and sort by size in human readable form using

ls -lSh | more

The option “l” lists each file in a separate line with more info about the file/directory; “S” sorts the files in the order of biggest to smallest, and “h” gives the output in human readable form (like MB and GB).

If you want to list only the specific type of files, like pdf, then you can use the “ls” command as

ls -lSh *.pdf