How To Get Free Space From Dropbox?

How To Get Free Space From Dropbox

Get Up To 22.25GB of Free Space From Dropbox

Do you love Dropbox and want more space in Dropbox for your use? Well, you may know that referring to a friend gives you 500MB more space. The competition for cloud space is getting hotter and Dropbox wants to remain relevant to you. (Google Drive offers 5GB free space while starting and Dropbox just gives 2GB) Dropbox has been trying be be more social and keep offering more ways to get free space. Here is tips on How much more space can you get for free and how to get it.

  1. Get Free Dropbox Space with Referals:  Referrals are still the best way to more free space from Dropbox. For each referral, you and the person who installed Dropbox will get 500 MB of free space.  If your Dropbox account is a free account, you can invite up to 32 people and get up to 16 GB of extra space. If you pay for Dropbox account,  you can get 1 GB free space for each per referral and can get up to  32 GB of extra space.
  2. Get Free Space in DropBox with Photo Uploads: By uploading photos/videos to your Dropbox account directly from smartphones/cameras, one can get up to 3GB of free space in Dropbox. The way it works is Drobox will give you 500 MB free space for every camera upload of 500 MB till you get 3GB in total. The Dropbox Camera Uploads work on iOS, Android , PC, and Mac devices. If you are a pro-Dropbox user and uploaded photos during early beta testing period (from February 2nd, 2012 to February 23rd, 2012), you can get up to 5 GB of free space fron Dropbox Camera Uploads.
  3. Get Free Dropbox Space By Connecting to Facebook Account: If you connect your Facebook account through Dropbox and share a picture or vide, you get 125MB free space in your Dropbox account.
  4. Get Free Dropbox Space By Connecting to Twitter Account: If you connect your Twitter account through Dropbox and invite your friends to join Dropbox, you get 125MB free space in your Dropbox account.
  5. Get Free Dropbox Space by Following Dropbox Twitter Account: If you follow Dropbox’s twitter account you get 125MB free space in your Dropbox account.
  6. Get Free Dropbox Space by Giving Feedback: If you give feedback to Drobox by telling why you love Dropbox using less than 90 letters, you get  125MB free space.
Visit and find how much more you can get.  If you manage to do all this, your Dropbox account can have a total of 22.25 GB space (2GB + 250MB + 16GB + 3Gb + 4*250MB).