The Great Dropbox Space Race: A way to get free Dropbox space for students

Dropbox Free Space for Students

Dropbox Free Space for Students

Dropbox announced the Great Dropbox Space Race for students that offers students free space of up to 25GB for two years. The way the Dropbox space Race works is as a student refers a classmates and professors to Dropbox, not only the students/professors earn free space, everyone from the school who were signed up of the Race will get more free space from Dropbox.

Here are the goodies for the Dropbox Space Race. Signing up for the Space Race gets you 3 GB for two years. For every Dropbox install through the Space Race Your school gets 1 point for each person and 2 more points “for each person that goes through the Get Started guide”. As more Space Racers joins for your school, you can get up to 25 GB for two years. This Dropbox free space is addition to the normal “forever” 500 MB referral bonus.

Visit to get started with the Dropbox Space Race.

If you are curious who is leading the Dropbox Space Race now, globally MIT is leading the race with over 15k racers and with over 37k points. MIT is closely followed by NUS Singapore.

Visit and scroll down to the end of the page to see the top 100 Dropbox Space Racers in US and the World.