Eleven IPython Keyboard Shortcuts to Move Around Easily

Eleven IPython keyboard tips/shortcuts to Move Around Easily.

  1. Ctrl-p or up-arrow: Access command history in backward
  2. Ctrl-n or down-arrow: Access command history  in forward
  3. Ctrl-a: Move cursor to beginning of line
  4. Ctrl-e: Move cursor to end of line
  5. Ctrl-f: Move cursor forward one character
  6. Ctrl-b: Move cursor back one character
  7. Ctrl-l: Clear screen
  8. Ctrl-r: reverse history search (reverse -i search)
  9. Ctrl-c: Cancel current action
  10. Ctrl-k: Delete text from cursor until end of line
  11. Ctrl-u: Clear all text on current line

If the above tips sound familiar, you got it right. Most of the iPython keyboard shortcuts are the same as the terminal keyboard shortcuts.