10 Easy Bash Shell Aliases

Aliases are great way to simplify the terminal experience. Basically an alias is a command line shortcut that allows one personalize the way one interact with Linux commands. The basic idea is to come with a simple version of your favorite command and add it to .bashrc file so that you can reuse the simple version of commands and thus saving a lot of time and key strokes.

The ls command lists directory contents and you can colorize the output:

Alias to Colorize the ls output

alias ls='ls --color=auto'

Use a long listing format

alias ll='ls -la'

List the files according to its size

alias lk='ls -lS'

Show all files including hidden files

alias la='ls -Al'

Show hidden files only

alias l.='ls -d .*'

Copy interactive

alias cp="cp -iv"      # interactive, verbose

Remove interactive

alias rm="rm -i"      # interactive

Move interactive

alias mv="mv -iv"       # interactive, verbose

Ignore case in grep

alias grep="grep -i"  # ignore case

preserve root access

alias chmod='chmod --preserve-root'