Data Visualization with R, A New Online Book

Fundamentals of Data Visualization

Fundamentals of Data Visualization

Just recently wrote a post on 13 awesome Free Books to learn Data Science and R. And that did not last long. It is not just 13 anymore :). It is time to update the list of awesome data science books/resources available online freely.

Claus Wilke, a professor from UT Austin has just announced a new book on data visualization, one of the important aspects of data science or science for that matter. The book is currently titled “Fundamentals of Data Visualization” and will be published by O’Reilly.
An early version of the book is available freely online
Just like other cool books data science with R, this book is also entirely written with R Markdown and all the visualizations are made with ggplot2.

This book does not teach R and assumes you know a bit of R. The main focus of the book data visualization. As the author says

The book is meant as a guide to making visualizations that accurately reflect the data, tell a story, and look professional.

And a quick look at the book tells that this data visualization book is a fantastic resource on all things visualizations. Even with a little glance, you can easily learn how to make your figures better.

If you are interested data science, Claus Wilke’s earlier R packages are a must. He has made two beautiful R packages Cowplot that enables to combine multiple ggplots in a single plot and ggridges or joyplot. They both are excellent additions to your data science tool kit to do exploratory data analysis (EDA).