Data Science at the Command Line: Free Online Book

Doing Data Science at the Command Line

Doing Data Science at the Command Line

Data Science at the Command Line by Jeroen Janssens, one of the few books focuses on the use of command line tools to learn Data Science is available now for free online at

The book teaches the power of command line to do data science more effectively. It covers over 80 command line tools in combination with R, Python and Bash to data science.

The preface of the book has the really background story of how the idea of the book came to fruition.

In September 2013, I decided to write a blog post titled Seven Command-line Tools for Data Science, which is available at

To my surprise, the blog post got quite some attention and I received a lot of suggestions of other command-line tools. I started wondering whether this blog post could be turned into a book. I’m pleased that, some ten months later, with the help of many talented people (see the acknowledgments below), the answer is a yes.

Go check out the book at or get a physical copy at Amazon.