13 Best Free Online Resources/Books to learn R and Data Science

If you are interested in learning R and Data Science, but not interested in spending money on books, you are definitely in good space. There are a number of fantastic books and resources available online for free from top most creators and scientists. Here are such 13 best free (so far) online books and resources […]

6 Coding Style Tips for R

If you are a beginner R programmer, it is a good idea to learn and start using the good practices in coding. Even if the code is just for you, it is a good idea to practice good style guide to help the “future yourself”. Google has a good list of things to do and […]

How To Install a R Package Locally and Load it Easily?

R has been one of the popular languages for anything to do with large amount of data. There are loads of useful packages that let you get started immediately in using a wide realm of statistical/computational tools. Installing an R package is easy. Typically, R Packages can be downloaded as “tar.gz” file for Mac OS […]