Python 3 Guide for Data Scientists

In case you missed it, there won’t be any support Python 2 by 2020. The last Python 2 update was for Python 2.7. So if you are interested in Data Science and learning Python, start with Python 3. If you already program with Python 2, it is time to migrate to Python 3. Alex Rogozhnikov, […]

Data Science at the Command Line: Free Online Book

Data Science at the Command Line by Jeroen Janssens, one of the few books focuses on the use of command line tools to learn Data Science is available now for free online at The book teaches the power of command line to do data science more effectively. It covers over 80 command line tools […]

Interested in Data Science? Follow DataFramed Podcast from Datacamp

Datacamp, one of the leading data science education portal with over 100 courses on variety of data science aspects in both Python and R, has launched a new podcast named “DataFramed“. The main theme of the podcast DataFramed is, you guessed it, data science. DataFramed¬†is a weekly data science podcast hosted by DataCamp’s Hugo Bowne-Anderson. […]