The Great Dropbox Space Race: A way to get free Dropbox space for students

Dropbox announced the Great Dropbox Space Race for students that offers students free space of up to 25GB for two years. The way the Dropbox space Race works is as a student refers a classmates and professors to Dropbox, not only the students/professors earn free space, everyone from the school who were signed up of […]

How To Get Free Space From Dropbox?

Do you love Dropbox and want more space in Dropbox for your use? Well, you may know that referring to a friend gives you 500MB more space. The competition for cloud space is getting hotter and Dropbox wants to remain relevant to you. (Google Drive offers 5GB free space while starting and Dropbox just gives […]

How To Change Dropbox’s Default Directory Location?

Who does not like Dropbox? Even Google wants a share of Dropbox users and finally launched Google Drive.  Dropbox gives freedom to our files from the desktop and gives life to be everywhere, on your mobile, on your tablet,  on your desktop, and in the cloud.  In MacOS X/Linux by default Dropbox creates the “Dropbox” […]