How to Install Spotify in Linux?

Spotify, the digital music service, that has made listening to music more social has crossed the Atlantic ocean and landed in US. With Spotify, you dont need to buy songs any more. Instead, for a monthly subscription, the whole world of music is yours to stream to almost any device (Well almost). Needless to say […]

How to Download a File or Directory Using wget?

If you are spending too much time on a terminal, there is a good chance that you would like to download a file or a directory from the web, but without really using a browser. You can use the command line utility “wget” to download a file or a directory right from your terminal. The […]

How to Find the List of Directories in a Directory in Linux/Mac OS X?

Anyone who has used command line on a terminal must used the linux command “ls” to list the files and directories in a directory. Simple use “ls” command will list directory and files in a given directory. Often you might want to know only about the directories in a directory. One can use the command […]

How to Count the Number of lines, Words, and, Characters in a Text File from Terminal?

How can we get the number of lines or number of words in a file? The most easiest way to count the number of lines, words, and characters in text file is to use the Linux command “wc” in terminal. The command “wc” basically means “word count” and with different optional parameters one can use […]

How to Make Vim More Colorful? Hint: Use Color Scheme

Are you not satisfied with the colors you have on Vim? Vim has loads of options to make your Vim editing colorful and cheerful experience.  The basic command in Vim to switch on colors or switch off colors is “syntax”.  Just to try and see how the syntax command changes the colors on your Vim […]

How to Find Big Files that Takes up Space in Your Computer?

One of the advantages in having bigger harddrives is that we hardly worry about the available space. However, there comes a time, you want to clean up files and want to free up space really quick. One way to do that is to find the biggest files and remove them if they are no longer […]

How to Create a Soft link to a Directory in Linux/Mac OS X?

If you are using a really long path to reach a directory (my/really/long/path/to/the/directory) frequently, it will get painful to type the long path every time to get there. Well, the command “ln -s” offers you a solution by letting you create a soft link. You can create a soft link with a simple name for […]

How to Move Around using Vim on Terminal?

Vim is one of the most powerful editors available for the terminal. One may think moving around the page is little painful, as the page up and down keys do not work in Vim in the default setting. Vim offer multiple ways to move around the Vim page. With just two keystrokes you can move […]