25 Tips to Move Around in Vim

h Move left j Move down k Move up l Move right w Move to next word W Move to next blank delimited word b Move to the beginning of the word B Move to the beginning of blank delimited word e Move to the end of the word E Move to the end of blank delimited […]

Vim and EMACS Jokes on Twitter

Comparison of Vim, Emacs, Nano https://t.co/LpJlixHWqq pic.twitter.com/bHItWJ6Syn — Unix tool tip (@UnixToolTip) January 8, 2016 The most crucial step to any tutorial: pic.twitter.com/wSaj7gNSQ8 — Kristofer Joseph (@dam) March 19, 2014 I’ve been using Vim for about 2 years now, mostly because I can’t figure out how to exit it. — I Am Devloper (@iamdevloper) February […]

How to Make Vim More Colorful? Hint: Use Color Scheme

Are you not satisfied with the colors you have on Vim? Vim has loads of options to make your Vim editing colorful and cheerful experience.  The basic command in Vim to switch on colors or switch off colors is “syntax”.  Just to try and see how the syntax command changes the colors on your Vim […]

How to Move Around using Vim on Terminal?

Vim is one of the most powerful editors available for the terminal. One may think moving around the page is little painful, as the page up and down keys do not work in Vim in the default setting. Vim offer multiple ways to move around the Vim page. With just two keystrokes you can move […]