Free R Books Online for Beginners

R LogoR, the preferred programming language for statisticians is also becoming the go to language for “all things data” by non-statisticians as well.  The Comprehensive R Archive Network has a number of free R books or documents available for both beginners and advanced users.   Here is the list of free online R books that can easily downloadable as pdf files.

Free eBooks on R for Beginners

  1. An Introduction to R by W. N. Venables, D. M. Smith and the R Development Core Team.
  2. The Undergraduate Guide to R. by Trevor Martin a Princeton University Student
  3. Statistics Using R with Biological Examples by Kim Seefeld and Ernst Linder of University of New Hamshire

If you are trying out R for the first time, it is also worth looking at R Studio, which offers a nice integrated development environment (IDE) for R.  If you are trying out R for is easy to plot, make sure to check out ggplot2, which can used create beautiful graphics in R. Here is a free chapter from the book ggplot2: Elegant Graphics for Data Analysis (Use R)