Publication Quality Graphics in #rstats

The visualization guru, Edward Tufte, known for all things visualization, tweeted that #rstats alone is not good enough for phublication quality graphics. He claimed “Publication-quality work requires: R + Adobe Illustrator + reasoning about words on graphics + respect for audience/readers/viewers “. #Rstats coders and users just can’t do words on graphics and typography. Proof: […]

Why can’t ggplot2 use %>% instead of “+”?

Have you ever mixed up dplyr’s pipe operator or magittr %>% with ggplot’s “+” while piping dplyr commands with ggplot2, you are not alone. Depending on where you misused “%>%” for “+”, you might get confusing errors like Error: Mapping must be created by `aes()` or `aes_()` Error in as.vector(x, “character”) : cannot coerce type […]