How to Get Unique Values from a Column in Pandas Data Frame?

Often while working with a big data frame in pandas, you might have a column with string/characters and you want to find the number of unique elements present in the column. Pandas library in Python easily let you find the unique values. Let us get started with some examples from a real world data set. […]

How To Add a New Column to Using a Dictionary in Pandas Data Frame ?: Pandas Tutorial

Pandas library in Python has a really cool function called map that lets you manipulate your pandas data frame much easily. Pandas’ map function lets you add a new column with values from a dictionary if the data frame has a column matching the keys in the dictionary. Adding a New Column Using keys from […]

7 Tips to Read a CSV File as Pandas Data Frame

Pandas is one of the popular Python package for manipulating data frames. Pandas is built on top of NumPy and thus it makes data manipulation fast and easy. Here are 7 basic options to learn to load a CSV file in pandas as data frame. Load pandas package Let us first load the pandas package. […]